Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-01-29 22:12:42 (UTC)

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Ok, well since I didn't write much last night, I figured I
would be sure to at least write something today. I finally
finished my drawing for this contest SHIFT is doing. Its
actually pretty good. I doubt I'll win but still.
I got yelled at by Milhouser, cause I was 20 minutes late
to his class. Whoops, I deserved it, but still.
No one's online, and I'm bored. Grrrr... My Mom said I
can order 2 more shirts next week, yeah! So, that'll be
My hair smells like cigarette smoke. But no one said
anything so it must not be that bad. And for some weird
reason, Morgain has gotten it into her head that I'm going
to teach her how to ride a motorcycle. I mean Hello! I've
only known how for a few months. And if she really thinks,
I'm going to let her trash my bike she is very mistaken.
Well, I get to go bowling again tomorrow, so that'll be
nice; especially considering lunch was extremely boring
today, and all I ate was crap. Dorietos (however you spell
that), Zours, Sugar Babies and a Red Creme-Soda, very
healthy indeed ;p Oh well, not like I really care anyway.
Ummm... yet again I have no homework, and Kai is still
cute. We're probably going to be in different groups now,
grrr. Oh! I need to finish Len-ny's CD. Heh, I don't
think I'm going to, I don't want to. Come to think of it,
I don't want to do anything, maybe I'll take a nap or
Well, that guy from Pueblo that I was talking to hopefully
wont mind, but I used his number in my SHIFT drawing. Its
funny it started out as McGrath but I had to change it duh,
cause he rides for Thor. So anyway, my little guy is just
a hodgepodge. Thor gloves, Shoei helmet, and Shift gear,
doing a nac nac on his Yamaha. Yeah, anyway, no one cares
about that.
Tristan dyed his hair purple now instead of blue. heh. I
think I liked it better blue, it brought out his eyes more,
lol. Well, I'm going to go take a nap or something.

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