Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-01-29 22:03:14 (UTC)

Whispering Bells, Love You So.

Don't know if I mentioned it, but the essay I spent ALL
Christmas doing, that's ALL Christmas. I got a meagre 52%
for. This left me with a 49.6667% total for the unit, which
is just below a 2:2. Just. And, wonderfully, a piece of
phonetics that took nobbut 60 minutes resulted in a 60%
mark. I don't know. What can you do?

Don't want to dwell on that though, a few things need to be
noted down, odd as, well, they could be.

1. Instead of walking into Barclay's to pay in my cheque, I
walked in behind a couple of 80-year-olds who wanted to
cash 8 cheques each into specific denominations for each
cheque and had no idea how to do it, AND.....AND a woman
who was buying a house with Canadian Dollars. In cash. In
CASH!!!!!! Talk about delayed walks into uni, man, I was

Oh, that's it. I incurred a £1.20 library fine. Huh? Eh?
Exciting? No, OK.

WILT? Everything I Do (I Do It For You) Bryan Adams.