my mixed up world
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2002-01-29 21:59:01 (UTC)


yeah it's been a really long time since I've written in
this thing, I guess I should update you guys on some stuff
that's happened. Ok first off I'm a senior in high school,
yay, secondly john and I are no more, yeah that's right,
I'll explain more about that later, I just finished
performing "Play On Words" for my school's One-Act Festival
which was really fun! Um anything else? Oh yeah I went on
a "non-date" with this guy Mike, who happens to be the
drummer of OLT , (John's band remember?) and I don't know
if I was completely repulsive or what because we haven't
talked since, I mean I've tried e-mailing him but he
doesn't respond, blah. Anyways I just thought I'd drop a
line in here considering that I hadn't written in this
thing in months! lol! I love you all!
Don't frown you never know who's falling in love with your