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2002-01-29 21:35:40 (UTC)


Good gosh it seems like i haven't wrote in this in
forever and it's only been like one day because ya know I'm
writing today. I think I might be kind of attached to it,
what do you think???

Okay I have to go call my stupid work again. Well now
that I've called them we'll see if they get back to me this
time, what do you think?? Hmmm.... So anyhow I've had ya
know a good last two days. Last night was Boston Public
night, OH YEAH! It was pretty good better than last weeks
for sure. Although we do all suck at not talking during
it. Went to McDonalds for dinner, yeah i know i knwo you
don't believe me but it was for a class doesn't
really count. I dont' feel like writing blah. . . .

I'll just end with this LIFE IS GOOD!!! We all ROCK!!!

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