a little piece of me
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2002-01-29 21:18:13 (UTC)

such pain!

ouch! geez, it even hurts to type. just got back from
design. the massive wings are not coming along quite as
planned. they're so heavy, i'm going to have a hard time
keeping them upright. my old harness needs a little
modification. not to worry, i still have time to finish.
but ouch! my fingers are so raw and blistered from today.
ack. damn, i still have to make my models for metal
tonight. so much to do, just don't want to do it. i'm
fine once i get started, but it's the getting started
that's the problem.

man, i'm gonna go...too hard to type. oh, before i do,
scott, if you're reading this, thanks so much! :) hope you
all have a great day.


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