**KeLlI BlAbBiNg**
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2001-04-22 05:05:34 (UTC)


Hey Diary!

What's up? Nothing here, just sitting down and thinking of
what to tell you since I don't really write anymore or
anything. First off, an *Unknown* wrote in the little
message thing and I wanna thank whoever it was for reading
some of this journal and thank whoever it was for caring! I
don't know exactly who it is, but I think whoever it was is
definitely a cool person :) So, *Unknown* if you're reading
this, THANX :) I wish you woulda left an email address so I
could talk to you!
Anyways, I'm really excited! And again people are
probably going to think I'mma freak for this, but oh well!
There's this Michael Jackson event happening in New York at
Madison Square Garden and I'm going! We're all taking a bus
there and about to get reservations and everything. It's
not until September 7th, but it's never too early to start
planning! The only thing I hate about it is that Britney
Spears is gonna be there and so is NSync and I hate all of
them, but I'm going for Michael! LOL, I'll talk to you
later! I need to get to bed now

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