ramblings of a madwoman
2002-01-29 20:30:29 (UTC)


don't know what it is but lately I'm feeling really down.
it's not as though my life is horrible, but just being at
home is getting really frustrating. It's not as though
anyone in my house is abusive, i just don't want to deal
with their issues at the same time i'm trying to figure
mine out. My grandmother is still living with us and she
just gets worse every day. she's horrifically depressed and
anxious, doesn't like to eat because "there's not enough
food" despite the fact that my parents have plenty to go
around. she walks around the house constantly and just
stares off into space. and sometimes she does really weird
shit like use a utensil, lick it off and put it back in the
drawer. she tries to help around the house but it just
makes things harder for the rest of us. and she steals
things too! she takes all of my favourite cookies and
hoards them in her bedroom.

we're just not equipped to care for her and it's really
taking it's toll. i'll use any excuse i can to get out of
the house and it's really hurting my parents because i'm
not dealing with this very well. I'm used to being alone a
lot. i like being in my house when it's empty. but now,
both of my parents have 'retired' and there's another human
living here. i have no privacy, and i'm just not used to

OH well. in other news, i'm starting a new semester at
school which should be at least somewhat interesting. I did
fairly well on the majority of my exams.

I finally got my multieffects console for my bass. that's
pretty coo right niah, but now i have to find a band to
play with. ;)

I also have to find another job because i'm being phased
out of my current one. HISSSSS!!!

well, that is all.

Song- Tenacious D- Wonderboy

(jack black and kyle gass say 'you're all fuckin' robots!'