The Morbid Diary
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2002-01-29 19:33:18 (UTC)


yeah, well I stayed home from school today. I really didn't
feel like going. I am talkin to Chris on the internet. Yay.
Ne wayz I am like mad bored and I am about ready to go to
sleep. again. *sigh* yeah, life kinda sucks. I am grounded
till Sunday b/c I spent the whole weekend away. My mom
didn't know where I was... (I called her like 20 times
though but the stupid bitch wouldn't pick up. So, it isn't
my fault.) *growl* Yeah, my mom is a real bitch. My school
counsler wants me to go to the Philhaven where you stay
there for like a month. That would suck. Only b/c you
aren't allowed to smoke cigs. ha! Yeah, I had a kid tell me
to go back to the hospital and shit. I almost punched him
in his face. That pissed me off big time. I am gettin so
sick of this house and everyone that comes to it! Saturday
is Chris's 21st birthday and I am not allowed to see him on
his birthday... again... b/c my mom is a bitch.
the only good thing that is going on is that i might have a
valentines day party. *yay* yeah. gtg bye.