What's up now?
2002-01-29 18:21:46 (UTC)

Life is looking up!

Hehe...So I said I Was having a bad life the other
night...well Brian and I are okay now...Life can't always
be perfect right? I mean, most of the time you can try to
have things go according to plan...but theres just those
crappy ass days! Yes, crappy ass :) Hehe..Anyways it
seems as though the boy's PMSing is done, okay so boys
can't pms...but it sure seems like it sometimes!!! J and
Trish are FINALLY doing a lot better, and brian and I are
back on track, one day off, not too bad!!! Rachel and Nick
are doing Excelent, Erin is good, Jacob is fine(for the
most part) and Jan Jan, well is Jan Jan(good luck with the
RA thing!) Erika is doing VERY VERY good :) I'm soo happy
for her :) She seems truely happy with where her life
stands right now, and that makes me really happy!!! I
talked to Lauren the other day and she seems to be doing
okay, and Sarah is coming this weekend!!! Yipppeeee!!!!
Everyone is happy :) Yea!!! It doesnt really seem like
things could be much better really....well okay maybe that
a lie, but things seem to be as good as they can be, right
now!!! I'm truely happy!