The Fallen and Damned
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2002-01-29 18:19:47 (UTC)

the catacomb-or- does death looks better 100s of years later?

i visited the catacomb in cicily - what a strange and
magnificent sight! humans can be so bizarre- they dried them
out for 40 to 60 days , in a warm dry chamber- hanging there
(strange fruit -billy holiday would say) and then they would
be washed in vinegar, dressed and put standing up in the vast
halls - - looking accross them - so many - thier faces, some
looked like they are screaming , some looked like they were
smiling!! none of the skulls where bleached white likes bones
should look - they were browed and crusty- perhaps with rot
still clinging to them - and they STOOD - just like you and
me - just standing, it was horrifing, every time i looked one
in the face i had to cover my eyes in shock (sort of like
when i saw a grown man naked for the first time - but that is
another story entirely) - then i would force myself to look
right at them , in thier dirty old clothes, children sitting
on swings - what is it that made me love it so? will i have
nightmares? the dream king is fickle with my obsessions-
perhaps i should not think about it - or would it be better
to over think it , to tire it out - though i dont think that
i shall forget or be used to such images ever .....

in other news i am reunited with my brother - i love him so -
im sure the moon helped . . .. .