The Life & Times of Alison
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2002-01-29 18:14:16 (UTC)

blah blah blah... zzzzz ::head bob thing:: what? Im awake!

Ugh, okay, no more staying up past my bed time on Mon and
Wed!!! I have an 8am on Tues and Thurs... and today.... boy
I was falling asleep all morning! But the night crew is
just too funny!! (those wacky sisters of mine who stay up
until all hours... who can devour a bag of chips and a jar
of salsa in under 3 minutes! And they are damn good walk
chalkers too!!)

Well today I have class... woo. And well, I saw, well I
think I saw ASFJSB in Gemmell today while I was eating...
and well... he was with a girl... I dont know if they are
just friends or what- I was trying to figure out from their
body language, but yea, staring = stalker. :) So oh well,
he is still hot. :)

Oh yea, so tonite I have an open bid for Phi Sigma Sigma...
9pm... oi. I think it will go well!

Then... dum dum dum! My little and I will be up til like
5am working on our dances... What? Sarah and I
procrastinating? What? Nooo... :)

I still dont have a song... should I use Sideways?! Should
I use Goodnight My Angel? Stupid Cupid? I HATE THE
TOPIC 'LOVE'!!!!!! Grrr

Okay, some guy is singing here, and not that I mind it...
But he really needs to shut the hell up... its just
annoying... hes humming, or singing in a whiny voice... the
same thing over and over... like going from a B to a B
flat... with eighth notes... I JUST WANT TO GO KICK HIM IN

Whoops sorry, I shouldnt let Angry Bitter Ali out!!! :)

Hehe, Oh yea, today in Instuctional Strategies we were
asked 'who would you want to be for 24 hours and why?'
Okay, so I go to my heroes... Lucille Ball and Maggie
Benjamin (spelling leaves alot to be desired... heh) Both
are fantastic actors and are just wonderful!

Okay, yea, time to go...

Think about it, who would you be for 24 hours?!

Addition as of 1:54 am on the 30th:

Guy-::Arms around both Sarah and Ali in a cab:: I got TWO ladies!
Ali- hehehe
Sarah- hehehe...Big...

had to put that in...