Under the starless L.A. sky
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2002-01-29 18:03:03 (UTC)


I walk.
Away from the familiear,
the easy,
the lockdown,
the chain.

I want to run forward at breakneck speed, leaving evey
atatchment to 'my life' behind. I resent most everyone now,
thoes who had been next to my heart are like knives to my
heart, twisting on the surface of the muscle, telling
me what awates. I can feel 'tomorrow' in the air of my mind,
closing in on me like a freefalling body, just befor it
hits the cement.
Don't you ever feel like if your honest, truly honest, the
ones you sleep and rut with will tear you appart? They tear at me now
with chains of domesticity, and care. I want to walk, to run, but I
can barely crawl.