even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2002-01-29 17:47:05 (UTC)

its saves the day.... um...

so im in journalism, and i need a break from learning page
maker.. cause its too stupid... so i havent; done my
homework in a few days, which is gonna suck for me, i nee d
to started otnihgt doing my homework... i need to start
tonight sleeping, and being good.. ack, i need to start
right now, but... i will srtat tomrow, i'll do home work
tonihgt.. i need to return some movies that i didn't watch,
which sucks of me, maybe i'll watch them tonight, and not
sleep... mom is goign to see a therapist right now
actually.. it hink shes having a reall yhard time.. but, we
all are... i say that cause they'd say iton tv, ack... i
was late today, to theatre, and i kind of stood up to ms
blake in a passive way, and i think it pissed her off, but
maybe she'll pay attentions to us some more, it'll be worth
her begin mad, even if i leave the class, if she realizes
that she can;t treat peopel the way she has been...
bummer.. im kind of in a sad mood... i want to cry or go
home ro seomthing.. i need a hug... at least the terrorism
situation seems to be under control... so thats good..
man.. its been shitty... for everyne iguess.. and this
hasn;t made it any better.. i ahve sushi for lucnh and im
kinmd fo excited, im tired of eating mashed pototaoes for
lunch.. so only weight 103.... i checked when we were at
the vet with sam.. and i thought that wasn;t a whole lot,
but no one, except me, seemed surpries that i weighed so
little.. they thought i would weigh less... so...
birthdasy.. dinner was fun last night, naomi, joselin, mom
and i, and it was pleasnt.. the food was good, not great,
but it was fun... i kind ofhate brirthdays, i think they
are super over rated... and i guess i kind of expected
more, ack,im jaded.. trey and liza sent me flowers, to
school.. and i prtined soem nice photots.... gtg! class is