writings on the wall
2002-01-29 15:52:41 (UTC)

first night at Ken's place

when we finally got home, i took a bath and so did
he. he said that i can sleep on his bed while he sleeps on
the floor & i was kinda disappointed. i didn't know what
got into me when i offered to show him the new bra i was
wearing. i mean, there i was in this total stranger's
room, asking if he wants to see me with my clothes off.
his answer was "well, i don't mind if you want to show me"

i was hesitant & shy at first but i did finally take
off my clothes. with my bra & panties on, i was on top of
him. he didn't let me kiss him at first & said that he
only wanted to do this with someone he loves. he's a
virgin, by the way, so i didn't blame him for saying that.
he kept repeating that he has strong willpower and soon we
were dry-fucking. soon we were kissing & i could feel my
wetness through my panties...

he proceeded to rubbing my clit through my panties &
soon, i was giving him a blowjob. okay, so i know that i
sucked at blowjobs but you know how guys love blowjobs
right? but he didn't cum & he said "maybe i couldn't cum
because i am not in love with you" i was hurt & i started
crying. i don't know why but i get emotional during sex.
he got so upset that he made me cry that he didn't know
what to do.

when i finally did forgive him, he suddenly got all
horny again & i gave him a handjob. he continued to
masturbate himself & finally came all over my boobs. i
love the way he uses his teeth on my nipples, it justs get
them all erect. thinking of it makes me wet.