writings on the wall
2002-01-29 15:07:42 (UTC)

Ken vs Barbie

so i finally got to meet him in person. he's cute but
then too short for me. or maybe i am too big-sized for an
Asian girl. i used to wish that i was shorter so that i
can get to go out with more men because i find that most
cute guys are short. the problem also lies in the fact
that guys don't want their gfs to be taller than them &
women don't like their men shorter. me? i think i would
mind if my bf is shorter than i am but if i really like
him, who cares right?

so far, i think there was only one guy i had a crush
on who was shorter than me. okay, back to the first date:
it felt ackward at first but then i know that i am good at
breaking the ice. sometimes i think that i am weird. i can
have good conversations with strangers but i have nothing
to talk to to people whom i know. so we talked but not
about sex at all.

we walked around the mall & we didn't even hold
hands. he met a few friends but he didn't care to
introduce me & i didn't know whether to just stand there
or walk away. i chose the latter. i know that he will feel
akward introducing me. i mean, what do you introduce your
dates as to your friends? "this is my date,......"? "this
is my friend,....."?

when we finally did hold hands, it was because i
held his elbow & he finally proceeded to holding my hand.
i made a daring move when we were at the cinema. i put my
hand on his crotch, something that i have never done with
any guys i've dated before. it was a bold move & he didn't
seem to show any reaction except down there. it was kinda