am i a piece of dust?

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2001-04-22 03:48:12 (UTC)

my first entry.

ok so i guess you could call this my first entry. i
don't really have anything worth writing. im just bored.
worked today. have to work tomorrow too. YUCK! spare me
these dull, dreary 8-hour days!!! spare me these big,
plastic smiles!!! spare me this dull, pathetic, trite self-
tomorrow i shall start attempt another fast. lets
see if i can actually do this right for once. lets see if i
can actually do anything right.
spare me from myself.
ok. well i guess thats enough for my first entry. mabye
i'll be back one day soon. mabye you will never hear from
this pathetic little girl agian.....
and gee what a shame the would be.
goodnight all!