F**KED up life
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2001-04-22 03:20:28 (UTC)

its all good...

its 8, and im talking to staci. she went out to go get a
dress for her graduation. and she just got back. and the
first thing she said to me was" I LOVE YOU". so everything
is back to normal. she got the email. i guess she just had
alot to be mad at at once. so its all good. and i really
lover her. and sitting here thinking about her i wrote

The World Means Less To Me Then You Do

The world itself means less to me then you do
But you don稚 seem to understand it.
More then my friend ever will,
And more then what any drug can do to me.
Being with you is what I really want,
To spend all the time possible with you,
The time together is brief.
So I treasure the time I do have with you,
Even if it doesn稚 seem that way.
Cause I love you Saci.
And always will.

i guess that says it all. and i guess one day i'll have to
show staci all this. kinda like a supprise. for like 1 year
kinda thing....never know