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2002-01-29 11:20:03 (UTC)

07 - 29 January 2002

Well this trip has not been too smooth sailing for me but I
guess is a great experience and I am more aware of my short
coming. I guess I am not concentrated in a lot of times
resulting me not able o perform my job as well as I am
suppose to be.

I have been thinking of her too much so much so that I had
tried to get a local to replace her, after every sorty (2 I guess)
it brings me back to reality. I began to take up drinking to
drown my sorrow but after every session, I am back to face
the real world again.

When will I ever forget her...when?

I am so happy whenever I receive her sms or even a call, it
really makes me the happiest man on the earth but this is not
a everyday event, I don't mind the cost of the message and
the phone bill, I just wanna hearher simple as this.

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