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2002-01-29 09:54:22 (UTC)

Crazy Haze

Tonight I looked to the vast expansion above my head.There
I saw a moon covered by a haze,circled with rings.I thought
to myself," damn even the moon is experiencing crazy haze."
Here lately my life feels as if it is not mine.Like I am
looking through a thick haze or fog.Watching this life
unfold and having little control of the factors in it.Maybe
as if it is someone elses life being played out before my
eyes.Like a movie,where I just sit and watch waiting to see
how it ends.Wondering if it was worth the 5 bucks to sit in
an uncomfortable seat,to see if its happily ever after or
the star will be doing a sequel.Repeating all the same
mistakes and bad dialog from the first.I guess last
week ,really tried to push the thin line between sanity and
insanity,which mind you the line is very thin,barely
visible to the naked eye.Now for this moment my sanity
remains intact,waiting for the haze to clear.Waiting to
regain some order to the shambled pieces of my
exsistance.Will the fearless ..cower in the corner,or shall
she rise and so her true strength,or fall back into the
ridiculous path she felt obligated too?For now she shall
wait bidding her time until the haze lifts and things
become a little clearer.