Confessions of evil
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2002-01-29 08:11:48 (UTC)

My strange yet exciting week PART 1!

Well, it's been a big week here in sydney!! Trying to
think of where to start :)

Ithink I'll just give you the condensed version of the
week's events!

Tuesday: got my labret pierced and luged all my shit to
Tempe where my sister lives. I decided to stay with her
for the week and even though I hate living out of a bag, it
was the easiest way to get through the week!. That night I
saw Garbage at the Horden and it was amazing!! It was the
second time I had seen them ( ONly there second visit to
sydney!) and the vibe in the crowd has been unmatched by
any other gig I've gone to. Shirley bounced around the
stage like an energiser bunny...

Wednesday: Went to the Amen signing at Utopia. Got there
at 3pm since they were ment to start signing at 4pm. 5:00
rolls around and they still are yet to make an apperance.
But never fear, by 6:00 Casey and co have arrived and I
have precicley 30 mins before I have to meet my friend to
head up to the New Order concert! Casey is a iny man,
barely taller than me but an absolute sweety; not exactley
wwhat you expect from a guy who violently throws himself
off speakers and into drum kits! Ended up being 20 mins
late to meet my friend since I got caught up talking to
band! New Order come on stage and even thought they've
gotton on in years, still manage to put on a killer show.
They play a good cross section of old and new songs and I'm
over the moon when they break into true faith and rock the
shack! Blue monday ended what was a fucking brilliant set!!
Get home and my feet feel like they are about to fall off.
I had been standing up for 8 hours straight!!!

THURSDAY: Decide to go to channel V ( an australian music
program) to see garbage perform 2 songs before I head over
to the Horden to see System of a Down and Amen. Get to VHQ
and find out that amen are also schedualed to be there!
Excitment ruches over us and we sit down until there
appearence. Whilst sitting down we see Rich Jones and
Sonny ( amen's guitarist) drinking coffee a table over
from us. We think it best to let them drink in peace!!
Anyway, garbage perform Cherry lips and Androgony. Not as
good as when I saw then on tuesday as the stage is small
and shirley doesn't have room to move! Amen do an
interview in which they were way to nice to the dipshit
VJ. We walk away from the group of people to take a seat (
my feet were still sore from the day b4) and we bump into
amen as we're taking a seat. They remembered us from the
signing and gave us stickers. I try to take a photo of
casey by himself but he forces me to get into a photo with
him! I won't go into the detail of that one! We chatted
for awhile before they had to leave for a photo shoot.
That night we finally got to Amen perform. damn fine
performance! System of a down also didn't dissapoint.
They played a good mixture of good and old and even played
a song off there second demo which got me into the band in
the first place. I got the feeling that most of the people
there only ke the band after there newest album 'Toxicity.'

Friday I get to Channel v at 11:00 for the 4:00 program
since I know that alot of people will be coming today.
Alien ant farm are due to perform and soad are there for an
interiview. AAF performed 5 songs and were incredible. I
have to get off the subject for a second and explain
something to you. I take poloroids of 'famous' people and
get them to sign them so that I can always the moment. Now
that you've been brought up to speed, I'll continue the
story! Terence from AAF gives me his pick and as it
doesn't look like they will be doing any signing, get out f
the mosh pit which had formed. 5 mins later, AAF have come
back out to sign shit and I'm behind around 500 people!!
Jessika is NOT happy I tell you :) So I get to thinking
and realise that there has to be a back exit and so we
scour the building to see what we can find. SUre enough,
SOAD are just pulling up and so we figure that this must be
where AAF have to leave. After standing around for 15mins,
Dryden appears, as beautiful as ever. I get poloroids of
them all and decide to get my ass back to tempee to get a
good nights sleep before the Big Day Out festival!!

I can't be fucked to keep writing so I'll write the BDO
installment later!!


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