Magic of Mascara
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2002-01-29 06:33:22 (UTC)

Gay shit

I wake up and the day is beautiful. I went to go see Peggy
and got my throat looked at and scrapped all up to find out
if I have strep throat, fun fun. Then I leave and I roll my
windows down and turn up the 12 noon workout on Q102 all
the way up. It was awesome. I've been waiting to do that
for such a long time. I want it to be summer sooo badly.
Then I drive around a bit, go home and then I had to go to
my doctors to drop off my throat scrappings. On the way
home from that I dropped off my coat at the dry cleaners
and my blockbuster video. Then Kerri asks me if I want to
go sleep down the beach with her Ted Kristin & Dom. I
agreed and then went and got my car washed. Thinking, if
I'm going down the beach and I'm gonan be hanging out with
a bunch of people I might as well clean my car. Plus it was
such a beautiful day. (Even my tires shine, thats all I
gotta say) I cleaned the damn thing inside and out, the car
looks a different color. I put a lot of work into it. So
then I get together with Kerri and we go and pack and get
ready or whatever...

1. Kristin's not going
2. Ted's not going then
3. Everyone starts to argue
4. Weed is number on during this whole arguement
5. Then just the regular out arguing started going down

I was so mad. I didn't show it cause it wasnt my place. I
was invited and I was driving. If I really wanted to go I
could have just drove down. I've never seen the sunrise on
the beach and that's what Kerri wanted to go down for.
There was also gonna be beer so that would have been fun. I
gave Ted money for that and later fought to get it fuckin
back. THEN Dom and Ted fuckin started with that question
shit again. That pissed me off sooo bad last time I was at
Ted's. It was so fuckin stupid, 'we have an army of 1500
people wanna join it's either that or we kill u'. It's all
a joke and it's all really stupid. If they're mocking
something it's pretty fuckin gay. Gay enough to make me
wanna leave as soon as they started asking me, and I did.
I'm so mad right now it's not even funny. I'm supposed to
be kickin back with a fuckin beer in my hand right now,
laughing and playin card games but no, I'm here with bad
cramps, no food, no beer, a headache, a bad backache from
washing the car and nothing to do. AND Ted fuckin left his
nasty fuckin bottle in my car, he can fuckin rot in hell.

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