The meanderings of a mind
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2001-04-22 01:54:59 (UTC)

A whole new world

I figured I should try this whole organized thing, but
I'm not sure how well it will work. I don't have all my
thoughts organized in my head. There are no compartments,
drawers, closets, or chests full of neatly folded,
hung, or ironed ideas, thoughts, dreams, and memories.
Everything is piled up in a jumble of confusion. I got a
planner in attempt to organize my life, but the only thing
my planner did was provide yet another coaster right along
side my geology book.
I need a life. I want to be busy doing things that
make me smile and laugh. I want to be busy making other
people smile and laugh. Tonight, Saturday night, all I am
looking forward to is cleaning my room and eating an ice
cream cone. Perhaps, I'll even do some homework. That will
feel quite odd. I am used to doing everything the night
before it is due, and a week after it is assigned.
I have one week of class and one week of finals left
and then freshman year will be over. Then my summer break
will be here. What will I do then? I'll have to stay at
home with my family. I will lose that minute amount of
freedom I have come to love in my prison of a dorm. I will
have to get a job. I would like a job that pays more than
six dollars. I would like a job that doesn't require me to
work with the most moronic people in my state. The general
public...Another level of hell. It seems as though you can
put several very intelligent people together and call them a
crowd and all their braincells take a nap and they become
I have also found that only the most idiotic people are
allowed on tv in Kentucky. I don't have any trouble
figuring out why Kentucky is viewed so stereotypically if I
watch the news. I want to know who pulls these "top
stories" from their ass. Who cares about some guy named
Roger on Survivor? Personally, I had never heard of the
guy, and I could have gone a lifetime without it. After
five minutes of watching people with missing teeth in mumus
and dirty overalls with tangle-haired kids on their
hips talking about how great Roger was in anything but
proper English, I was ready to pack up and move to a new
state. A million dollar enterprise of souvinir shirts,
hats, coffee cups, and key chains is the new rave. Had I
not over-estimated the population's mentality maybe I could
have greased my own palm on other's stupidity.
Okay, enough ranting. Well, actually, that ins't
enough. I will never be done ranting, but that is enough
for NOW. I have forgotten my reason for writing. But that
is nothing new. I have also changed my mind about the
ranting. Today, on the 40 minute drive to my great friend's
apartment I was stuck behind another brainless driver. I
have no problem with anyone adjusting the speed limit. As
long as it is adjusted to a higher limit. 35 means 35, 40, doesn't mean 30 or 25. my definition
means AT LEAST this fast. So while I'm jamming to Limp
Bizkit and feeling the slight breeze barely whip my hair
against my cheek I nearly broke the sound-barrier going a
mere 40 miles an hour in a 55 mile an hour zone. I'm
waiting impatiently for this driver to a.) figure out that
the gas was the pedal on the right, b.) succumb to my evil
glare and disappear in a puff of smoke, or c.) turn off my
personal autobon. Coming to a dead stop in the middle of
the road was NOT an option. However, that is what this
moron chose. Then he motioned wildly for me to go around in
a no passing zone with oncoming traffic speeding along.
Finally I decided to take my chances and got in the passsing
lane. Since my wonderful car goes from 0 to 60 in five
minutes I passed the jackass at about two miles an hour.
After that he did disappear in a puff of smoke. My smoke.
Muwahahaha *evil laugh*. Okay. I think I have said enough.
I shall of course continue with another complaint sometime
in the near future. My life must sound horribly sad. Maybe
that will change...