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2002-01-29 06:15:40 (UTC)

Day 7 ( Cold again )

I just got off the phone with my true love, Mike. My
husband, father, my lover, my friend. He called to tell me,
he loves and misses me! Now, is that sweet of him. I asked
why he was up so late because i almost did'nt answer the
phone. He said, he was up doing his laundry, the only time
that they were not being used. It's just a few minutes
before midnight and i hesitated in answering the phone.
Mike has to get on the bus tomorrow to go to Silina for a
physcial. He sounded ok, doing ok too. He has'nt been there
but 5 days and already borrowing money out to people. I
personally don't like when he does that. He lets people
take advantage of him, too soft at times. This is just what
i see and know about.
Not to much happening today. I got up when Michael did for
school, 6:15 made him scramble eggs for breakfast. I made
enough coffee for 2 cups. I played bingo on the pc while drinking my
coffee. My brother Randy and i chatted a bit on pc like usual. He was
going to court today for himself. I'm sure he will tell me the
outcome of that.
Colton got up before 11 a.m. Him and i went to K-mart and Price
Chopper to talk to Pat about if her and Joe(husband) are still
planning on driving to Silina to see Mike for the last time before he
goes to Germany in mid Feb. We got back home just like a minute after
Michael did from school. Mom started peeling potatoes for mashd
potatoes with salisbury steak and corn for supper.Colton ate great
tonight! I didnot have to tell him one single word about eating or
drinking at supper time. Little boy was indeed HUNGRY! He ate every
thing on his plate in a matter of 5 minutes. I was so very proud of
him and i let him know it too. I usually have to fight with him to
eat. I made a fire for us tonight with the wood we just bought
yesterday. I moved the recliner by the fireplace. Colton, myself and
Sammie Girl sat on the chair together, so cozie and warm. Darn near
put me asleep. I think we all got a little tired from the fire.
Michael fell asleep on the couch. I recorded the 2nd part of 3 of the
S. King . We all went to bed at 9:15. I was tired, i did'nt want to
write in my journal again i keep telling myself, this is a commitment
i have made.
It was a cold day. I think it stayed in the 40:s. Compared to the
Indian summer type weather we had over the weekend now expected to
get snow Tue. and Wed. Get enough snow to take boys sled riding again
Mike i love and miss you very much. I look at my Valentines card
sitting on the shrunk............hmmmm! I really miss you my