changing lanes
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2001-04-22 01:15:41 (UTC)


well, today is the last day I will have to deal with my
boyfriend, seems I accidently left my hotmail open and he
read everything, including the guy I was talking to on the
internet. SO,he got very angry and when I told him to just
leave he said he wanted to talk about it and told me to
put the baby down as soon as I put her down he jumped on me
and started choking me and during the struggle he hit me a
couple times then Ayanna started screaming. So I went to
pick her up and he knocked a hole in the door. I told him
to leave or I was going to call the police. He started
crying and saying he didn't mean it(yeah Right) I went out
side while he tore up the house and then his friend came
and got him. I'm so scared, I feel like this is all my
fault, I should have left him a long itme ago. I should
have left him the first time he hit me. But today is THE
LAST TIME. I don't know if I'll be back to write anymore.
I'll probably go to a shelter somewhere I don't know I'm
trying to maintain for Ayanna but all I really want to do
is just die. I hate that Ive fucked up so bad and now she
is going to have to live with my mistakes. So thats it for
now I just cant type anymore.