even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2002-01-29 05:28:46 (UTC)

ack.. i hate selena

so today was my birthday.. overrated as usual.. but good, i
liked it.. i had a good day.. it sonly monday , which is
kind of a bummer... but it'll be good.. i have a few more
days and then it'll be the weekend, which just means ihave
less school, more friends and more sleep.. i need ot cut my
nails.. i haven;t been able to get on the computer for a
while, thi is leisure time.. mom just kicked kelly and
joason out of thehosue, because its too late.. all they
wanted was some birthday cake.... shes a bum.. but i guess
11 is too late... well, not too late, but late... so josh
and james are online, but neitehr of them want to talk to
me, and thats ok... but.. its odd... i hope they are ok and
not like, pissed ta me..well, james is tlkaing to me now,
and joshua is workign or soemthing... so im ok, and meh..
im wasting my precious sleep/homework time with this! i
have stuff i need to do, like.. sleep... well... ive had a
hard week... this is.. um, thereaputic, whereas homework is
not... sleep is.... so.. off i go.. to sleep... to dream..