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2002-01-29 05:22:25 (UTC)

my current flirt partner

well, i guess it's time to tell about my current
flirt object. a guy whom i met via ICQ. a guy i used to
talk to a few months back about my ex because he came from
the same hometown as him. a guy who didn't give a shit
about me until recently & that made me interested.

i sent him my one & only photo & it took him almost
forever to sent his back. i was beginning to wonder if
he's this ugly fat nerdy bloke who has no life & then the
photo came along. he looked cute but then photos can be
deceiving. hell, i think i suck in most of the photos that
i am in. so why should i trust that this guy who is
calling me "darling/baby/honey/whatever" that the guy in
the photo is really him?

he wanted to call me but i told him no although i
gave him my phone num. my phone-phobia remember? all the
guy who knows me know about that. & when we finally did
talk on the phone, he said that i really sounded like a
guy. okay, so i know how i sound like but it's kinda sexy,
don't you think?

i finally did get to meet him in person but that
will have to be said in my next diary entry because there
is way too much things to write!