writings on the wall
2002-01-29 05:06:41 (UTC)

plan B

so i did not have a threesome nor sex with Chris. he
met with an accident on his brand new car and he was quite
upset about it. he didn't call me and vice versa. the
middle man between us was Louis and he hinted that he
wanted to see me again. we all know what he wants right?

i told him that maybe it was not such a good idea
after all and he asked why. i made up a lot of excuses and
he sounded a little upset. i started thinking that maybe
having sex with him at the first place is not a great idea
after all. he even said that he was thinking of having
anal sex with me this time. i was like "what? " okay, so i
am dying to try anal sex but i really can't imagine having
sex with him again.

okay, so Louis is a nice guy but then the chemistry
is not there. maybe it's because of his body or his cock
but the truth is, i seriously don't know. i remembered him
asking me what i think about his performance the other
night. i was like "huh?" i mean, what the hell am i
supposed to say? i know that i suck at lying and i don't
like hurting other people's feelings. so i said it was

then he proceeded to ask me what i think about the
size of his manhood. i was like "oh my God, why do i have
to answer all these questions?" i said that i am
inexperienced and therefore have no rights to comment. he
asked me if his was bigger/ smaller than my ex's. the
truth is: his is thick but then the length is kinda
disappointing but that is only my opinion, okay?