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2002-01-29 04:50:22 (UTC)

First day

Today I started this diary. Now, I'm not very good at
keeping diaries, but this one is supposed to "remind me"..
so, maybe that'll work. Also, I'm not very good at spellig
or re-reading, so things might tend to sucka might when
readin this. Alright, I will try to stop making excuses fr
I ofen have a lot more to say than I originally set out
to write, but I suppose that's alright seeing as how it
gets my creative juices flowing. also, I'm doing this for
crdit in my English class. I hope I can keep this up long
enough o soothe mine own stress and dilemmas. I tend to get
very stressed out, I cryed in my scho counselor's office
last week, even though I didn't think I was stressed.gads.
My mother moved back to Washington a few weeks ago,
Ihaven't yet talked to her. I haven't seen her in about 6
months and I'm not missing it too much. I'm way to busy
snowboarding, haning out with friends, homework on
weekends, and catching up on sleep. These days I don't
sleep well at all.. ormaybe I doonce I finaly get to sleep
but I wake up at about 4 in the morning wth a terrible case
of the uncomfortables.. ha.. right.
It sucks, I still can't just let it go here at diary
central. I opted for the open diary, bu I'm having trouble
forgetting that others will be reading it. So, please, try
not to be too critical or pass any premature judgements. if
there's one thin I can't stand it's premature judgements..
they will be the death of us all. They're destroyed
friendships, started fights, and ended other
relationships.. nasty things they are
alright, goodnight.. sleep well - B

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