Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-01-29 04:43:25 (UTC)

Its my Lucky Night

Well, lets see I've had an over all pretty good day. Wow!
I know amazing isn't it?! Engineering was good, I bowled a
139! Another once in a life time moments in my life. Its
only cause I was trying to impress the guys bowling next to
me, I did too. Muhehehee... Ok moving on, since I've
already read the Red Badge of Courage, my English teacher
is letting me pick another book to read. Yeah! No more,
ants on the corpse in the sanctuary! Wooohooo! And I got
my Valentine presents for Jessica! hehe.
And wow, I'm talking to 2, motocross guys! Wow! Be
amazed, and one actually had the gual to tell me a KX125
was a "racing bike." Thank you! Jeez! I'm not completely
stupid! Grrrrr... I should already be in bed, but I'm not,
oh well. I'll be tired anyway so what's the point.
I ate snails for dinner. They were actually pretty good.
The garlic sauce, helped me ignore how extremely slimy they
were. Well, I don't feel like writing much tonight. So,
yeah. The End.