Thoughts to Share
2002-01-29 04:10:05 (UTC)


People are kinda strange I guess. We all play these games
with each other. Sneaking around, trying to find out
things, when really we should just be honest. Things might
be harder to start with, but I think it would be easier in
the end. Riiight...this is me saying this.

I hate it when my friends are hurting, but I don't really
know that there's anything I can do. Just try to be a
friend, be there for them. Let them know that things will
be looking up soon. :-) They will.

I'm stuck.

Played frisbee today...with lots of people. Ok, well
really only 5 of us, but it was fun. The weather was
beautiful so we all had a blast. We met someone new, they
probably think we're strange...haha, it was just the
sunshine and flip-flops in January...got to us. The rest
of the week is supposed to be just as pretty so I'm excited
about that. Studying in the park, sounds like a plan for
me for a few afternoons.