Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
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2001-04-21 23:48:32 (UTC)

Running on empty..

I'm half-dead here, home on a Saturday night which is
unlike my usual self. On Thursday we went to Philthy's and
got polluted, though it wasn't really all that fun...I
usually like to dance up a storm but the dance floor there
is tiny and it was packed with weirdos, so we stood around
and drank.Oh, and S.W. never showed up..bummer. We went to Burger
King afterwards. I'm addicted
to jalapeno poppers (not a good thing..) so I decided to
try their's but they were awful! I also lost half a pack of
smokes :( We crashed at K's then went to Taco Bell
for a breakfast/lunch/dinner type of meal. I went to work
at 6pm and didn't get off 'til 1:45am (I work in a bar
right now but tomorrow is my last shift as I start my new
gig on Monday).
I was SO excited to get off work and go to the party at
C.G's house, a bunch of people stopped by the bar (S.W.
included, and he's still hot even if he's not as good as he
used to be) and a bunch of guys and some of my girls were
even waiting and I didn't get off till so late so I ended
up going to the party with J&S and this guy K
that works in the kitchen but J&S took off as soon as we
got to the party (still haven't heard or seen them and
that's just crazy because the party was wayyyy out in the
sticks)so I basically went alone but a bunch of people were
still there (SW had left and I'm much dissapointed to
hear that he spent his time there trying to pick up some 17
yr old with all of his friends, nasty!)
Anyways, so I was the D.D. and I stood around and watched
everyone else get trashed (much like working at the bar,
wow!) and later in the night B.D. (my ex's brother also
Stef's ex boyfriend) broke a bottle over CG's head and
that was just terrible. Damn! The cops showed up around 6am
and Beau was hiding somewhere, but CG is pressing
charges which I think is good because that was just out of
control for Beau to do that shit. I don't even wanna go on
about that guy. Damn. I know him too well and I'm sad to
admit that. Anyways, CG was pretty decent and we talked and stuff
like normal friends and he thanked me for coming to the party (kinda
weird..) We didn't end up having sex which is very cool. The last few
weekends have left me feeling pretty used up by him.
I ended up driving back to town around 7am and I had to
play cabbie to four drunks who live all over the place and
needed Hortons & McDs apparently more than I needed sleep
before my 11am shift started but what can I say I'm nice
and I took them all over the place. My beautiful new car is
caked with mud inside, I'll have to clean that up tomorrow.
I'm not moving tonight. I'm going to veg in front of
this 'puter till I can't keep my eyes open.
I think I'll go and grab a

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