A ShiTTy GaMe CaLL LiFe
2002-01-29 02:58:06 (UTC)

*cough cough*

monday 01.28.02

there was no skool today. i didn't do much but i just went
out to get some cookies and mailed a card. yesterday was a
pretty cool day cuz it rained. i know, im weird. i like
rain. can't blame a girl for being unique.

didn't get to see chris this weekend, but it's okay. that
will make us cherish the next time we hang out even more.
im just glad that he's okay. i got pretty worried for a
while. thought he forgot to call me this morning, but he
surprised me. he didn't let me down. thumbs up for him.

those damn mrs. fields cookies make me thirsty. but it's
hella good tho. =) gotta return to my institution of
higher education tomoro (skool)...a whole new semester
begins. my last semester of high school, pretty exciting i
guess, but i just wanna get outta there!

dat's it for now, laterz!

p.s. do i really sound different in my voice mail? i keep
on listening to's getting me paranoid.

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