Pure Belligerence
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2001-04-21 22:39:02 (UTC)

*Procrastination is a wonderful thing, take it from an expert*

My mom got home today which was ok because now i dont have
to deal with my stepdad and she said she would take me to
the mall with friend. Im badly in need of carpris and a
highlight. I really cant stand the fact that im only 15
and i can drive, ahhh. In 2 1/2 months i'll be 16. Right
now im writing because im trying to avoid doing my
essay.... 5 pages about a crime scene discription and i
quote ".... explaining SPECIFICALLY how you would collect,
store, and transport the evidence to the forensic
laboratory (would you wear gloves, how was evidence
documented, sealed in what type of packaging, etc....
explain what tests you would use on the evidence and the
principles behind how these tests work (for example Kastle-
Meyer test)) Oh boy, i cant wait. Dee still wants me to
set her up with Jay and shes still never met him.... i
really dont think hes gonna go for her. What a boring life
i lead.... i think its time i stop being single again... i
promised myself i would wait a few weeks, but being the
dependant person i am i need a bf. Hopefully this time
i'll have luck in finding a good one.