my life (as told by me)
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2002-01-29 02:53:01 (UTC)


ok it's the 28th. and i dont think i've had a day this
interesting in a while...well i might have, but today was
awesome. first, i didnt want to get up cuz i was really
tired. but then i got up. lol. and i got to school and
heather gave me this really neat dancing hampster. then,
the sub in bio told us we needed our, me being
me, didnt have mine. so when i went to my locker to get it,
i opened it to find this all this cool stuff from brittany!
i got ken (lol), this really cute stuffed puppy, and this
really cool car that i'm gonna drive to school. and i got
candy too! hehe. i'm obsessed w/ peppermint patties. they
just have that taste. i especially like eating them and
drinking water right after. i'm a weird girl. but after
that i had studyhall. with rob. lol. it was so random. we
talked about rabbits and 100 fish tanks. all while i was
reading some book i found in the corner. then lunch...oh
that was interesting. we got like 3 new people in lunch. in
addition to heather, rob, brittany, cathryn, and me...we've
got amber, kari, and brian. now it's a full table. then i
had art! lol. braden and me talked the whole period about
stupid stuff. and i'm gonna get to play with clay from now
on. :-D it's gonna be fun...i hope. ok then global...we
changed seats. i sit next to carrie and we have random
conversations. especially in band when we talk about how
hot the band room is because of the dancing hampster and
our sexy elf, legolas. ;) it's great. ok then i come
home...and me and my mom drive down to the
get...MY PERMIT! ooo ok so i missed one question that was
really random and i spent like 5 minutes trying to figure
out. but i got to drive home. :-D and i didnt do that bad.
i just messed up on one turn, that had there been a car
there, we would've gotten into an accident. lol. and after
my mom told me that i couldnt drive on rt 5, she let me
anyways. she's so random. we went to the store and then
she's like eh what the hell. just go on it. and my dad
wants to take me driving now, after he had a fit about me
getting my permit. ooooooooo he's random too. well tomorrow
i have to ground drive lady. probably around 4 because i
want to go driving when i get home. well, it's time for my
tv show! hehe.