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2002-01-29 02:44:14 (UTC)

muticolour flowers forever

today was a pretty good day. a tiring one though...
probably bcause i stayed up pretty late with emily last
i woke up and drove from her house to school and i was late
and hauling ass on the interstate. i made it in like 30
mins. i was really fucking surprised. i even beat shawn
we parked together again. were cute.
so after school i got lunch with my shawn and then i went
home and slept...somewhat. my phone kept going off and it
was a scattered kind of sleep. but i needed what i got and
i was happy for it. i picked up jennifer from work. and we
went out...shawn met us at a sports bar before he had to go
to school again. off colour conversation topics made me
remember a lot of stuff id forgotten about my freshman year
of highschool...heh. yeah. not getting into that. and,
jennifer and i had a really good time together tonight. i
miss her. a lot sometimes. but...missing her is a good
thing. the same way that being okay without her is a good
thing...and shes doing so well now. i couldnt be fucking
prouder. chris got arrested...for um...like three different
charges. people dont fucking learn. i mean, if youre going
to do stupid illegal shit, at least be SOMEWHAT smart and
safe about it. but...im just a nieve oblivious 18 year old.
and they arent my felony charges.
horray for a day of lots of food. and darts. and espn. and
cigarettes. and bowling. and air hockey. and ms pac man.
and...for letting her win. and seeing her so excited about
it. god i love her. in so many different ways...its like
theres nothing that we cant do. nothing. weve been through
so much in both of our lives. so many times we havent
matched up right, but we always make it work. somehow. and
now i feel like were at a point again where we fit. and its
great. because bestfriends. real friends. and real fucking
love. is the most beautiful thought, feeling, notion,
offer, fucking everything. most beautiful everything.