Bonnie Blue Dreams
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2002-01-29 02:35:57 (UTC)


Landis and I kind of had a fight. I dont really know what
it was about...he was upset about something and he finally
told me and it was totally stupid. He was making up all
this junk in his head, he said that I never did anything
for him when he does everything for me. So I clued him in
on some of the things I've done for him like bring in his
clothes for work, started his truck when it was cold
outside so that he would be all nice and toasty when he got
in, and I've made him food before he went to work so that
he wouldnt have to eat that nasty junk they make. I've
even rubbed his butt with ICE HOT when it was sore from
working out. Landis and I are fine now, he realized that
he was making it all up and now he really regrets it and
constantly tells me he's sorry. He did that because he's
afraid to get into a serious relationship, but I told him
it was ok, I dont really want anything too serious...we've
only been together for 2 months. And when it seemed that I
didnt do anything for him it was because every time I try
to do something nice he says no and wont let me. But he
now sees that and calls himself a moron...I wouldnt go that
Last weekend him and I went to a party in Huntsville that
his brother threw for his girlfriend...there was a lot of
drunk people there. It was sooo funny! Some black guy
asked me for my number and another one kept telling us that
he had a Honda that starts with a black key. After he told
us that we said "wow, let me see that black key" and we
took it from him and he got his Honda the next morning.
That was probably the most fun I've had in a while.

So I guess we're ok, he was just getting a little bit
scared, I dont blame him...I can be scary. But we realized
that we are just stupid teenagers.

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