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2002-01-29 02:30:00 (UTC)


ok, so i went to a show last weekend. it was alot of fun,
but i was the kid in the corner smashing coke cans while
the bands played... but i'll tell you more about that
later. one of my friends is in the hospital. well, not my
friend. i don't have "friends" but i like calling them
aquantiences. that way, i won't get close to anyone, and i
won't get hurt. i've been hurt one to many times. her dad
abuses her alot. and he put her there because he claims she
is crazy, and that she is trying to kill herself. i'm not
alowed to call her or go and see her. my sister melissa was
telling me how this guy kissed her today after skool. and
how he held her and was really sweet and said he loved her.
she read me this poem that he wrote her. it said that when
she cuts herself, she cuts him too and all this sweet stuff
that i can't remember. i couldn't help but feel bad. i
guess because i wish that someone would care about me. and
would be sad when i cut myself. i wish someone would hold
me and tell me how much they cared. i wish i had someone
who wrote me peoms, and kissed me after skool.