Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
2002-01-29 02:10:26 (UTC)

Lauren and Her Bullshit

On Saturday night Holly, Kim, and April came over to
my house. Well a little later that night Lauren showed
up. I didn't know that she was coming over and so Megan
said that she was leaving because she couldn't be around
Lauren. Well Lauren called her mom and got her to pick
her up. That is how it all began. Now I am not welcome
at her house because of how rude I apparently was to her.
I can't believe all of this shit. Anyway god knows what
she told her mom about me but whatever. I am not worried
about it.
Anyway, I have been playing tennis for the past two
days. Today I think I ate pretty healthy. I had some
carrots and yogert and then I ate some Mexican but I threw
most of that up. I really hope that I start to lose
weight. I really need to!