F**KED up life
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2001-04-21 21:39:38 (UTC)

the big 4/20

everone knows what 4/20 is, EVERYONE. and we all planed on
smoking out. i really didnt want to cause ive already been
into that shit and its gay. and all my friends have not and
they are still doing it. and its sad cause they are
freshman . but lindsay came over. and we where all supose
to go to joshes, cause he was the one getting it. and his
paretns where gone so he took his dads toyota out like
always. he came to pick us up. and no one went with him. i
didnt cause staci called and said that i might be able to
go with her to her brothers game. so stayed home and didnt
go with them. and john and ross where all calling me pussy
and fucked up that im ditching them for her. cause none of
them know that i am going out with her. and ross is all
telling me that its fucked up that i mention staci around
lindsay cause lindasy like is always all over me and 'wants
me bad'. and she dose. but she knows about me and her and
its all cool. but i had to put up with there shit again so
i could go with staci. and she was fighting with her step
dad-staci was-. and jason was going to pick me up. he seems
cool enough. but any ways. later all them where at joshes
house and russell and mark where smokin it. and and josh
had lindsay and john in the car. and they hit some one with
the car. and they also hit another car. they took off in
the car and went to joshes house right down the street. and
the hit the guy right next to my house. so the police where
all parked in fromt of my house and stuff. but after they
got to joshes house they jumped the back wall and went to
lindsays house and then came back to mine to see if they
cops where still here. and i was talking to staci when they
got here and she said she couldnt go now. of coures i was
dissapointed. and she also got in a big fight.and i was
talking to her. and it didnt seem like she wanted to talk
or whatever cause no one was talking the entire time we
where on the phone. so i went with lindsay john and ross
and russell to walk lindsay home. we got there and stayed
there and hung out for awhile. and still john and ross
where fucking pissing me off. sayin that im gay and pussy
cause im not 'hocking up' with lindsay. and that im not
gettin any play from her. god they fucking pissed me off.
amanda showed up with her car. only me and lindsay knew
her. she is lindsays sisters friend. but i meet her awhile
ago, so we where cool. and we went to the churck parking
lot righ down the street and she let me and lindsay drive
her peicer. 67 plymoth. its pretty cool. that was like 11
30. lindsay went home so amanda drove us arouund. she was
just suppose to drive us to my house but she just kept
driving around. she was hi so she just kept going and going
and going. she drove into a pile of rocks poored on the
street cause we told her to go onto two wheels. but the
people where still awake. and they came out and looked at
us. she told them-as she was speeding away- that was just
trying to park. it was great. then we where driving and
russell said he had to go pee. so she stoped the car in the
middle of the street to let him go. i got out to go pee to.
and right before i got out it stalled. and she couldnt
start it again. all they guys started to push it a while
and then she decied to just call some one. so we all went
to my house and got there at 12 30. she called some one.
and she left. and ross and john where suppose to go to
rossexs house and stay the night there. but fucking john
stayed here, and i didnt want him to and i even told him
that. cause i had to get up and 7 and get ready. and i
didnt want to have to like wake them up and bitch and me
witch they did. and russell was here to but that was all
cool cause he had to go home at 8 anyways. and i woke up
today...and went to work. i just got home and found a
letter from staci sayin.......

"hey i am sorry i am not in a good mood,....but life is not
going as pland.
i love u so much and i never want to lose u but u make it
seem like people u see everyday are more inportent then
seeing me one lousy day of the whole fucking month,...and
you get all mad wheni dont tell u something but then again
u dont tell me jack shit.
but u know what go do what u want get drunk get high i dont
care anymore i get introuble for stiking up for my self and
then i get introuble for not so do what u want ill be one
of thoughs good girls who let people do what they want no
matter what it does for or to me ok

see ya

so i guess that she is reall mad at me or something and i
really dont get why. i didnt get hi or drunk. and i ditched
and took a fucking beatting from my friends to stay home and
talk to her and go somewhere we didnt go. and i really do
love her and it dosent make sence to me where this came
from or who she though about it that way. cause that is not
the way it is. and i want her to be herself and i want her
to stick up for her self. AND TAHT I REALLY REALLY LOVER
HER. and that no one is more important then her!

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