life in borderspace
2002-01-29 02:06:35 (UTC)

My Birthday

Well I am now older! My birthday has been a real great
time. I got to spend it with friends old and new which was
really great. And it was nice that one friend in
particular took such an effort to make my day fun. I
haven't even had a whole lot of time to reflect on my
life. I mean I could sit around and think of whether or
not I have achieved what I thought I would by 24 or if I am
where I want to be in my personal life...(should I be
married...should I have a house...should I have
kids...should I have a dog)...but I didn't make those kinds
of plans for myself so I will never be disappointed about
where I am no matter what birthday I have. I can say (for
the most part) that I am happy and having a good life these
days. I can also look back and see what I have
accomplished and be proud and can see what I've overcome
and feel healthy and sound. As for where my life will take
me....I have no idea...I'll just have to see one choice at
a time. In other sister got me tickets to
WRESTLEMANIA for is going to be soooooo
cool. I am really excited. It would be nice if my friends
were coming too but I think I will enjoy myself nonetheless.
I HAVE to go watch wrasslin' now but I will add more
later....ok so it's later and I watched wrasslin and I went to the
live wrasslin show here...the was great fun. I am finally
down to one job and hopefully it will give me respectable shifts. So
I guess I officially make a really bad impression on people. Why is
it that if I am not sitting at home knitting socks I must be up to no
good? I still haven't figured that out yet. I also wonder when my
parents will figure out that it's not acceptable for me to work 7
days a week. I don't remember them working hours like that at their
carreers...for the last 25 years both my parents had their weekends
off and worked until 4 oclock during the week....not to mention those
2 cushy months off in the summer. This is technically my carreer and
I would like it to go in in the respectable hours of the
kill me...sheesh!!! Not much new in other news. No big decisions
made in my life yet...but what's the rush. I mean apparently no one
is ever happy anyways so why hurry from one misery to the next? All
in all if I don't think about things I'm actually quite happy right leasst I try to be...I figure that's what denial is for. I
don't much like this game thing has all gotten way too
complicated for me...I'd rather join back in when the bosses have
decided what's going to be what. Whatever right....what do I know.
Sometimes I think a lot and sometimes people think very very
little...anyways enough is enough

...and that's who in the blue hell I'm pretty sure I think I am !