once again
2002-01-29 01:51:24 (UTC)

explain. please

Where's the dream expert? I need help. They started last
#1: Someone died in the family...the dream was brought on
because Shawn's bosses sister died. But it was some one we
knew and I never knew this person. However, the tried to
make me go. I didn't want to for the reason who was I
supposed to pay respects to. I was crying because this
whole family was treating me like I was selfish when in all
reality i never knew this person nor half the people who
did. I tried speaking but my cries were nothing. I
couldn't talk other then a low wisper. In the beginning
of this dream I had two of my teeth break off with only the
roots in.
#2: It started when I was living here and Eric came back.
(oldold ex who completely destyed me) I was so scared at
first and I didn't want shawn to know. I think he was here
to but I can't remember. Eric would follow me places and I
wouldn't want him there. I would try to run away but he'd
follow and some how when doing so I would always hurt
myself and he'd be there to help me. So after sometime I
excepted him again and so did my sister. So started liking
him and would let him sleep here and eat and all that. I
began accpeting him again but Shawn was still in the
picture and I didn't know what to do...I felt so torn
between them...I felt like I had an obligation to be with
#3: My real father was was my birthday and we
were at the house I grew up in. (MY bday is coming up in 2
weeks) It was his first time back in my life since the day
I left my freshman year. He brought me presents but all I
wanted was something that didn't cost anything...can't
remeber now what it was. He told me I was such a selfish
person and I thought only of myself. That I was stupid and
needed to be mature. I sat on the kitchen floor crying
while he talked with my sister like I wasn't there. This
is strange to me...I've been wanting to talk to him for the
fact that a month ago he said he would come see me and
Please if you read this let me know anything you think.
I'd aprreciate it...devotion you can too.