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2002-01-29 01:07:52 (UTC)

wellington, boring life

Okay whats up? I started at wellington today. It was pretty
good. Lets see. Hot guys? Nope. I mean there are a couple
but i am notinterested. Plus I don't like high school guys.
I don't know I just think they are too immature and i
don't know. any way there was on guy he is a senior good
looking eerything..hmm u nver keyboard
friend cornbread came over todayand kicked my as. i cuthim
wth soething and he cut me back ...he was hurting me first
any way..i know that sounds chldish..lets see..anyhing els
to tak about. nope. damn my lifeis getting worse! syt
hopefully i'l have soething to talk about soon..oh i got a
cute gucci purse and wallet today!