Chapter One: The Evil Within
2002-01-29 01:07:26 (UTC)

The Best Week Ever!!

First of all, it was a great week last week because I
won that pesky little bet we had, but I still havent
recieved that meal yet, though it is dinning with Satan,
but its still a free meal! Ha ha! Its kinda like the
saying "Dont be afraid of Death invite him in for
cupcakes." Maybe it should be "Make bets with Satan, you
will get a free meal!"

Honestly I dont know how Tim and her got together, I
didnt imagine it would happen that quickly, but it did. She
dumped one guy one day, and then practically the next is
going out with someone new, can we say SKANK???

Anyways, Darren hadnt called me all week, and hadnt
gotten in contact with me in over a week, about 10 days.
That pissed me off, I tried calling him, but he didnt even
attempt contacting me, so I am not all that "happy" with
him! GRR!

But I am still happy, because Matt has talked to me and
called me everyday since break started! I love him so much,
he is the ultimate best friend, and Darren is mucho jeleous
of hm, its funny because he doesnt admit it. Matt dont like
darren because of the no calling me and such, I mean I can
see why cause Matt has called me everyday, from Kentucky,
on a cellphone! Now, thats somehing, I love Matt, he is so

Anyways, I am going to join the Marines, Matt dont know
yet, but I want to be able to say, I did it, and it does
pay for alot of collage, and has great benifits.... but
anyways, I dont even know if anyone reads this anymore
cause I dont write in it, Sorry all! (that is if you are
reading or anything)


Vicki E M