Baby Story
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2002-01-29 01:05:28 (UTC)

18 wks 0 days!!!!

Wow, 18 weeks already. SOOOO exciting! ONLY ONE MORE WEEK
feeling a LOT of movement from the baby lately, which is
reassuring. Its so neat to actually KNOW that your feeling
the baby inside of you. I just really wish that Nels could
feel it, but soon enough I guess! He will LOVE the
ultrasound Im sure! My belly is now a whopping 38 inches!
And I don't think Ive gained any more weight... which is
okay. I think i need to put a few pounds on soon though.
It just doesnt seem healthy to be 18 weeks preggo, showing
a ton, and not gained weight? Who knows...

I am LOVING my job at the state. I really enjoy the people
there, and the building. Today I got my VERY OWN cubicle,
computer, phone, office supplies, and all that stuff. It
was a lot of fun. I put up a picture of Nelson and I the
night he proposed. And my backdrop on my computer is the
pic of him on my website. He is such a cutie. I was
eating lunch with my boss today, and she told me I should
take the State keyboarding test so they could hire me
permanently... now THAT would BE GREAT, because they KNOW
Im preggo, and ARENT discriminating against it! ERRR....
lol. This is my last week at the Car Rental place, and I
am surviving... I think. Nelson has gotten really sick, so
my nights of NEEDING sleep, are torn by his tossing and
turning, sniffling, and coughing. The poor guy. I love
him to death, so its not so bad. But I am just getting so
worn out. I just want to cry. I am definitly in need of a
good cry on the phone with my mom. haha. she is the
best. The baby is squirming around right now, it feels so
neat! Puts a smile on my face!

Well, Ill continue to keep you all updated, especially if
we can find out the sex next Monday!!!! Yay! Im SOOO
excited! Keep it real...

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