mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-01-29 00:54:27 (UTC)

I DID IT !!!!

yes siree, i did it. bought the diamond yesterday.... Lisa
& i were online , lookin a diamonds on eBay, when she found
one that we both liked , so it has been bought & it's on
the way... I am gettin very excited, I can't believe that
this is really happening. I LOVE YOU LISA !!!!!
kids are excited too, jessica asked yesterday if we were
gettin married , i told her yes, she was very happy. I love
lisa soo much, i can't wait till this is really real. we
are definately ment to be together for life.
i dont know what else to write for now so i will just end
w/this ---- LISA, I LOVE YOU !!!!

***** ANDY LOVES LISA !!!! ANDY LOVES LISA !!!!! *****