The Nine Faces of Dave
2002-01-29 00:49:22 (UTC)

where's a muse when you need one?

Man, what a day. School went fine until 5th hour, when my
new English teacher announced that we'd be splitting up into
groups to present chapters from "The Elements of Style" by
Strunk & White. That's right, we're doing presentations on
a guidebook of English composition.

So we had the first rehearsal/meeting for the musical
("Fiddler on the Roof") today after school. I learned that
my role would be Lazar Wolfe, the butcher. It's a fairly
important role, but Wolfe leaves after the first act. This
role assignment is probably for the best, since I can't stay
for two hours every day after school. Actually, I probably
could, but not yet. Whatever the case, this will be much
less work than playing Tevye.

My computer science project is giving me trouble. I know a
way to do the work, but it would be very program-specific,
and would cause problems if we ever use this code again. In
short, I can do the work, but it would be kind of ghetto.

In Yearbook, I was still unable to think of a subject for my
last spread. So, I sat around listening to Traffic's "Far
From Home" album. No inspiration came from that. Still an
incredibly good album, though.

I had a great idea for a spread, but the powers that be
won't let me use it. It was going to be a completely messed
up spread, with pictures out of focus or pixellated, and
sometimes pictures that weren't photographs, like video game
screenshots. One of my friends is captain of the tennis
team, so I was thinking I'd use a screenshot from the old
Atari "Tennis" game with the caption: "Senior *name here*
will be starring as Player One in a remake of Atari's
'Tennis.'" Of course, no one would get it, but oh well.

I'm in the Student Life section, and we're basically out of
ideas. My editor has nothing, the editor-in-chief has
nothing, even my fellow staff members have nothing. We've
been attacked with the Sword of No Creativity, and the enemy
rolled a natural 20. Goddamn that was a bad joke.

We're nearing the end of production, so I need to get this
figured out soon. Unfortunately, my inspiration has been
absorbed by some sort of sponge. Maybe it has something to
do with the new semester, or maybe my new classes. It could
just be a mild case of senioritis. Who knows. And to
think, I used to be one of the best people in there. My
editors loved me, mostly because I got my work done. Now,
I'm getting nothing done, because I don't know what to do.

So instead of working on my spread, I sit and listen to
Traffic the whole period. Of course, that's not necessarily
a bad way to spend an hour.