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2002-01-29 00:48:55 (UTC)


that acronym simply stands for....

"Holding Hands While Walking - Pa Sway Sway Pa"

in whole english, this means holding hands while walking
while your hands are swaying up high....

nah... i used to see lovers doing the HHWW-PSSP thingy and
i can feel the thrill and excitement that they have base
from their smiles and from the glow of their eyes. oh really feels awesome to hold somebody's hands
most especially if this person has a part in your
heart...someone you care for... someone you love...

i remember my first time doing this...i was so happy and
thrilled and in our language i was so "super dooper kilig
to the bones" LOLz... as in the feeling is so awesome :)

nah! how i wish i kud have that special someone in my heart
already that would give me unexplainable joy and

oh well... im not really that worried and in a hurry coz i will be worth the wait...and i am positive that
my mr. right is on his way towards me :)

am i not being hopelessly romantic? ahehehe :p

take note : "good things come to those who waits"

wat do you think?

8:49 AM

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