An old child in college
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2002-01-29 00:22:27 (UTC)

My dream "hitching"

It would be in March or April of 2003...
After enjoying a day of family and friends, I would have
the pampering done by my "attendants" and best friend K----
in preparation for our spring formal. I would be decked out
in my two-piece blue gown that I designed for myself, and
my best friend and I would be picked up by our dashing
escorts. And we will drive from D------ to the ball, and
we will dance, and have a great time. When it approaches
midnight, He and I and my girl and (maybe) her date will
return to the house which will then be set up with food and
family and friends and whatnot. My grrl will not even know
what's going on.
We will all pray. My parents will read their letter to him.
His parents will read their letter to me. We will exchange
vows. We will exchange gifts. My grrl will be surprised
that I took the leap. He will leave. I will spend the night
enjoying all the peoples there.
I'll finish school while he "prepares a place."
We will write, email, and call. It'll be a sweet courtship
thingie until we're ready to live together and be fully
husband and wife.
Ahh, anything is possible.

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