Mysterious Attitude
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2001-04-21 20:35:27 (UTC)

Saturday April 21, 2001

3:07 pm

Sorry I havent wrote for a few dayz... I got a lot to say..
Well first off.. I had fun while Andria was over here.. we
like stayed up till 8 am lol... She told me a lot bout
herself... like she has kissed a gurl and has a crush on a
gurl.. so I guess she is sorta bi-sexual.. then she told me
that she has been eaten out and fingered (by a guy)..which
all of that sorta freaked me out...but actually.. I have no
problem with bi-sexuality.. I mean hey I would try it.. I
mean why not? Aight well Chuck sent me a dirty picture (and
he sent me his real picture he isn't like most of the guyz I talk
to.. cuz I usually talk to Gangbanger Mexicans lol)
online... and claimed it was him... and hell the dude
looked good but it wasnt him.. anywho my mom saw the
picture and went off... she even hit me :( I was like damn
I didn't know it was dirty and I was cryin and stuff...
aight anyhow... I called Chuck later that night.. and
talked to him... and Andria came to my gram's with me while
I was talkin to him... and he was talkin dirty to me and
shit... but in the end.. Andria actually was tellin me what
to tell him.. I was like well damn she is bout as bad as
me... lol so yeah we had phone sex and he was jackin
off.... Aight then after I got off the phone me and Andria
talked... and we both got hot.. so we were like fuck it and
took off our shirts to sleep in out bras.. and strangely...
it sorta turned me on =X Then Andria went home yesterday
at like... 5 and then me, gram, and Jr went out drivin...
and when I got home.. I called up my sister.... damn I'm
mixin the dayz up oh well... My sister left Casper cuz I
guess he hit her and shit... and now she things she may be
pregnant by him :( So today my mom is goin to give her the
money to get a test done to see if she is or not.. I hope
she isnt.. cuz she is only 17 and has one baby.. and Casper
is like 28.. Aight then last night Andria came by here to
get her stuff she left.. and she was high = / I guess her
sister and this gurl Tiff (the gurl Andria likes)were
smokin and Andria got high from the contact.. and I guess
420 is the police code for possession of weed.. so all the
weed smokers smoked like crazy yesterday lol. I learn
sumthin new everyday I tell u... lol. Well.. late last
night I got online to read and download all my Mp3's.. it
was like 3 am and David started... So we all got in a fight
over here... which in the end.. I hit my hand on the wall..
and cried 4 like 20 minutes... :( I could'nt sleep.. I was
up till like 8am readin magizines and shit.. then it was
rainin and thundering outside.. so I sat outside and
watched the rain fall.... and I sorta mediated.. which got
me really relaxed...and I fianlly went to bed at 8 sumthing
at got up at 1 pm.. and ohh yeah... Lately I have been
thinking a lot bout Nick.. I really do miss him.. I was
even cryin over him :( Well... I think that is bout all..
So I will go now.. and finish downloadin my Mp3's.. bye bye