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2002-01-29 00:04:49 (UTC)

God...Read this...if you can

God is Azna.
do I agree w/ this?
is this true?
who do I believe?
IF I believe, I have "faith"
faith is a belief in self.
how come others have special privilages over others? Why
the FUCK am I not one of them?? Why am I left fingering
thru the dark until I just-so-happen to stumble across a
tell-all book about the fucking meaning of life? I grow
scared and think, "O, No!" What if I didn't come across
this book? But wait, is it fate that caused me to find this
book or do I believe in fate? What do I believe? Do I even
believe in myself? Do you?? If yes, I envy you. I envy you
so much it sickens me. So now, I reach a point where Im
back at point "A". I say, if I don't believe in myself how
will I ever believe in anything else? You couldn't even
begin to fathom the heavy, shallow depression I feel in my
body.....the pain of mistrust. The ignorance of atheism.
the joys. I feel completely lost and strongly "believe"
nothing can help me.

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